Firefox Add-ons

When Firefox updated itself to recently, I found that many of my add-ons stopped working, among them Adblock and the British English Dictionary. Message shown on Tools | Add-ons was “Incompatible with this version of Firefox”.

This turned out not to be true. Re-installing them was painless and got them all working again.

AVG Update

AVG 8.0 is now out.

There is a free version at

This is the procedure I generally follow:

1. Download Version 8 from here.

2. Uninstall the current version (typically 7.5).

3. Restart the PC.

4. Install the new version by running the downloaded file.

I choose NOT to install the “Security Toolbar” when asked.

The new version seems to be a useful improvement — it runs quicker than 7.5 on my PC and also searches for spyware (and tracking cookies) which 7.5 didn’t.

AVG adds some anti-spyware features from Ewido (AVG has bought Ewido) which 7.5 didn’t have; for that reason earlier versions of Ewido need to uninstalled before AVG 8.0 can be installed. The AVG 8.0 installation process checks for their presence and will warn you if it finds them.