Selecting multiple items in Windows

Very often in Windows, you want to select (highlight) more than one item – perhaps you want to delete a range of files, copy twenty photos at once, or similar.

In every version of Windows you choose multiple item in the same ways – multiple files on a folder, multiple icons on the desktop, and so on.

To select a range:

  • select the first item by clicking on it (once) with the mouse
  • select the last item by holding down the “Shirt” key and clicking the item with the mouse

To select everything (in the folder, etc):

  • hold down the “CTRL” key on the keyboard and press the “A” key

To “toggle” an item (select it if it isn’t selected or de-select it if it IS selected) :

  • hold down the “CTRL” key on the keyboard and click the item with the mouse.