Sending photos by e-mail

Photos can be surprisingly large, and if you send a few by e-mail you may inadvertently generate an e-mail message of 20 megabytes or more. This is likely to cause all sorts of problems – including having your mail rejected by the recipient’s mail supplier. If you use a mail programs (such as Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Outlook 2013 and so on) there is a quick way to shrink the photos before you send them.

Start in the folder (directory) where the pictures are, and single-click on one you want to e-mail. This will highlight it. If you want to e-mail several pictures, hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard and click on another picture, then another, and so on – holding down CTRL until you have clicked all the ones you want to send. Then release CTRL. Now right-click any of the highlighted pictures:

Select one or more pictures, right-click and hover over "Send to" and click "Mail recipient".

Then hover over “Send to” and finally click on “Mail recipient”. (If “Mail recipient” is not shown, you don’t have a suitable mail program installed.)

You will then be offered a choice of sizes – “Medium” is usually fine:


And you will then be shown an estimate of the space the reduced photos will take up.


Click “Attach”, and Windows will shrink the photos, start your mail program, create a new e-mail and attach the reduced photos.


Then just add the recipient(s), change the wording if you want, and send it. Easy!

This applies to most versions of Windows and most mail program. If you want more control over making your photos smaller, see this article about making big photos smaller.

The attachments in this example were shrunk from a total of 3.91 MB to 207 KB. That’s a twentieth of their original size, well worth it.