Open the “Run Box” in any version of Windows

There are a number of ways to open a run box, but one of the easiest, and one that works on all modern versions of Windows is this:

Use Win+R:

Windows and R keys
How to get the Run box

In details: hold down the Windows key, press and release the “R” key, let go of the Windows key.

Win and R keys
How to get the Windows “Run” box

The “Run box” will appear:


Type a Windows command into the run box – my screenshot shows the command “winver” – and then click “OK”. Windows will execute your command.

Useful commands:

  1. winver
  2. notepad
  3. cmd
  4. cmd /c”ipconfig /all > desktop/ipconfig-pd.txt”
  5. powershell

Explanations of the above commands:

  1.  Shows which version of Windows you are running.
  2. Runs the text editor
  3. Open a command windows (also called a “DOS box”) – type exit to close it.
  4. Creates a text file on your desktop called ipconfig-pd which contains your IP configuration – sometimes I’ll ask you to e-mail this to me if you can’t get on the Internet.
  5. Run Powershell – type exit to close it.

Be careful with the command box and (especially) with Powershell!