UK laptops, January 2017

Every now and then I have a look and see what’s available online in the UK. This time I’m looking a Windows laptops.

There’s a longer article on buying a PC here, but (other choosing a good manufacturer and a reliable seller) the two main things to think about are processor and memory – they both contribute to speed.

Processor: I’ve chosen only model with either an Intel i3 or an i5;
they are both pretty fast, but the i5 is about 20% faster than the i3.

Memory: 4GB is the minimum you should go for, 8 GB is better.

I’ve looked at John Lewis and Amazon – John Lewis offer a two-year
warranty but are usually a bit more expensive, Amazon offer a one-year warranty.

All prices include VAT and delivery.

[su_spoiler title=”John Lewis”]

£329.95. i3, 4GB. Purple!

£349.95. i3, 8GB.

£479.95. i5, 8GB.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Amazon”]

£327.95. i3, 8GB

£419.98. i5, 8GB.[/su_spoiler]