PC freezing or crashing

If your PC has been massively slowing down, or freezing, or crashing this weekend, it may be caused by a problem with Malwarebytes.

The problem is caused by a Malwarebytes update released at about 4pm (GMT) on Saturday 27th January 2018. It was cured by a further update released at about 6pm the same day.  If your PC wasn’t turned on (or wasn’t on the Internet) during that time, you don’t need to worry.

If it took the update, the effect was to cause Malwarebytes to soak up all the memory (RAM) on the computer, leading the PC to slow down massively and eventually to freeze or crash.

The cure it so apply the latest update. This should happen automatically if you restart the PC (hold down the power button for 15 seconds to turn off a frozen PC). You might need to restart it two or even three times. Or you can do it manually:

You can check what version of the updates you have:

This should be 1.0.3803 or later. The bad update pre-dates this.

People are pretty angry about this. The CEO of Malwarebytes has apologized and says they are reviewing how they work so that such a bad update can never be released again. I like the product very much, and I don’t know anything else that works so well, so — for the moment — I’m inclined to give them a second chance. Sometimes my car won’t start – it’s inconvenient, but these things happen.

It’s being “discussed” on the Malwarebytes forum here.