Paul Doherty


There are pages here to help with common PC problems.

There’s a list of recent posts, a list of categories, a list of posts by month, or you can search.

Popular posts: password managers, other essential software, Windows 10, scams and viruses.

If you want something more personalised, I offer help with PCs, laptops, the Internet, e-mail, iPads, iPhones and suchlike.

If you’re within about 25 miles of me (I’m in Egham, in Surrey in the UK) I can visit your home or business. Or (with your help and consent) I can access your PC remotely.

I charge £50 per hour (and pro-rata) and there is no minimum fee and no call-out charge. You pay only when the job is done and you’re happy with it.

Telephone: 01784 439253
Mobile phone: 077 69 70 65 69

Remote control software: download