What I can help with

question-mark-blue-mdI offer a personal tailored service at low rates. Much of my work is to do with PC problems – in particular removing viruses – but I also help people to find  the right product (PC, laptop, iPad, smart phone), order it for them online, set it up for them (including setting up e-mail, and transferring old data) and showing them how it works.

I also provide mail hosting, website hosting,  and domain names to small businesses and personal customers, and can advise on web design and can recommend three or four web designers I work with regularly.

Some of my customers are fairly elderly, and just want someone they can call on to replace toner cartridges in their printer, fix the Internet when it goes wrong, and generally provide a little help and guidance.

But what I do is quite varied, so it’s probably best to ask!

Main areas are:

•  Virus problems, “spam” issues, PC healthcheck.
• Advising you on buying the right PC, ordering it for you and
setting it up.
• Choosing, changing, setting up broadband, wi-fi, Internet.
• Improving a PC that is running slowly or taking a long time to
start up and shut down.
•  E-mail problems and setup, keeping an old e-mail address
when you change broadband supplier.
• PC upgrade and/or replacement, and transfer of data from old
to new PC.
• Adding more disk or memory to your PC.
• Making sure you have a workable backup strategy to ensure
you have safety copies of your photographs and other
important documents.
•  Set up iPhone, iPad etc.
• Domain names, website and mail hosting.
• Tuition on using your PC, the Internet, avoiding problems, etc.